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A new way of solving the unique challenges founders face.

Connecting Founders with Creative Entrepreneurs who use their expertise to develop new ideas and solutions to the niche problems standing in the way of success.


The platform that connects Founders with service professionals.

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Connecting Founders and professionals

to build successful businesses.

Building a successful business shouldn't be a solo journey.

We connect Founders with the top professionals they need to turn their vision into reality.

Whether you're seeking expertise in marketing, software development, design, finance, legal or any other area, we have the perfect match for you.

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You're in good company.   Trusted by many.

"Almo's service was fast, productive, and I find him to be responsive, and available. The quality of his work is stellar. The care given in communication to make sure what is afforded and what I can ask for was also on point."

- Irmi , Clarity Studios


In conversation with Founders.


Access expertise and inspiration for founders. 

Tips, tricks, know-how and thoughts to fuel your business vision.

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A podcast for founders and creative professionals who make a living while they’re making a difference.​​  We share their tips, tricks, and business hacks to solve challenges founders and business owners face.

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