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Stop making your clients jump through hoops

~ by Candice R

Why are we asking our clients to jump through hoops, having to go through our elaborate processes to get to the outcome they seek. We expect them to enter OUR world, to do things the purist way, no matter how long it takes or how it may stretch their investment, we push and convince and sell for doing things our way.

Do we stop to consider what is even more important than solving their challenge the ‘right’ way? Do we take the time to consider how they might experience the problem solving journey WE take THEM on? Sometimes we are so focussed on the customers we design for, we forget we are also in the business of experience creation… how do we design the experience with OUR business for OUR CLIENTS.

How can we get our clients to a working solution, as soon as possible, within their constraints, and WITHOUT making THEM jump through all OUR hoops? And how in the spirit of co-create and co-design do we find the balance of collaborating without draining our already time constrained clients?

To force a smaller client, or one with a less complex challenge into a longer drawn out complex process is not okay. These clients will not see the value in what for them, is an over engineered process.

You CAN take well thought out and strategic shortcuts to reach their goals. There are ways to short circuit your lengthy creative resolution processes, and they don’t have to compromise the outcome. It’s more about being ‘streetwise’ rather than ‘book/theory wise’ and finding approaches that work to fit within your client, not clients to fit your approaches.

Work with Candice R

“Solving niche challenges founders face”.

Illustrator: Lisa Williams (Instagram: @artist_llw)


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