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Influence & Impact: (Part 2) Open-minded

~ by Alan W

A short series where we give tips on what to say and how to make it count. We help you increase influence and impact with customers. PART 1. "I'm not sure if this is for you but...

PART 2. "Open-minded"

If you'd ask a room filled with a 100 people whether they're open-minded iIm sure 90 will raise their hands. Just about everyone thinks of themselves as being open-minded. Why? Well, the alternative is considered to be "closed-minded". This choice presented is almost guaranteed to steer the listener towards your idea. When people like to see themselves as being open-minded you can easily give yourself a fair advantage within your conversations.

When you introduce a new concept, product, service or idea to someone using the words "How open-minded are you?" and then following up with the scenario you want them to buy into allows you to naturally draw people towards the very thing that you want them to support you with. Everybody wants to be open-minded.

Some examples:

"How open-minded would you be about trying this as an alternative?"

"Would you be open-minded in giving us a chance?"

"How open-minded are you in finding an extra monthly income?"

"Would you be open-minded about seeing whether we can help you increase your returning customers?"

This makes it very difficult for the listener to reject your ideas. It at least makes them feel obligated to explore the possibility. To them it seems like you are giving them a choice when in fact you are weighting the only option you are giving them. How open-minded are you by at least trying it!

When introducing a new idea, product, service idea or whatever start with "How open-minded are you....." This will attract people to the very things that you want them to support you with.

Everybody wants to be open minded.

* In part 3: Just imagine.

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