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Previous issues of Founder's Insomnia

Every Thursday night, late night, we will update you on what has happened at DNA-Business. Actionable content from experts in our ecosystem to help YOU grow your business.

  • Evolution: Are we future proofing our business for inevitable change?
    13 June 2024 - View
  • Learning: How do I ensure the business can execute on our vision and adapt to changing market demands, for the long haul?
    6 June 2024 - View
  • Branding: What is the heart and soul of my business, and how can I use it better to achieve sustainable success?
    30 May 2024 - View
  • Digital Marketing: How do I get noticed in a crowded marketplace?
    23 May 2024 - View
  • Design Advisory: Will my product resonate with users in this market? Is my product user-friendly and intuitive enough to really hook my customers?
    16 May 2024 - View
  • PR (Public Relations): How do I stop being the world's best kept secret? How can I create more attention in the market?
    9 May 2024 - View
  • Storytelling: Am I telling the right story that resonates with employees, investors, customers/clients? Am I cutting through the noise?
    2 May 2024 - View
  • Pitching: Why are my pitching efforts not converting into real business and/or investment?
    25 April 2024 - View
  • Technology: Is my business technologically equipped for the foreseeable future?
    18 April 2024 - View
  • Finance: How can I positively impact the financial health of my business?
    9 April 2024 - View
  • Insights: Is research the right path to take for my business challenge?
    2 April 2024 - View
  • Business Models: am I embracing the maximum benefit that a platform business model allows for?
    21 March 2024 - View
  • To hire or not to hire: how to bring in expertise without the overheads?
    12 March 2024 - View
  • How to move into working ON the business and less IN the business?
    24 March 2024 - View
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