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I have been getting a lot of feedback from Uxers and Service Designers (SD's) on design skills related challenges and I am sure you can relate:

  • Design related courses only take aspiring UXers and SD's to a certain point - there is no one there to help, guide, grow and inspire them after they have completed the course.

  • What do I do next to help me grow as a proficient UXer or SD? To really hone my craft?

  • How can I get expert help on design projects, help on UX or SD related tasks, in the moment, when there is no one to reach out to and i get stuck or just want to improve my work.

I'm all too familiar with how difficult it is to find help - when I started my design career I had the exact problem! So I decided to do something about helping those that dream of more! If not for you, do you know of any aspiring designers or UXers or SD's looking to grow their design careers and fast track their career progression in the field of UX or SD? I have opened another 5 slots (that is all I can take on at this point in time) dedicated to helping this cause.

Here is how it works:

  • You can ask for advice on a specific UX or SD project, or ask how-to questions on specific UX or SD related tasks, e.g. how to do a persona or a journey map or a usability test, and so on. Honing your UX or SD craft with access to expertise that can be applied in the present.

  • The first consultation is for free and is about 15 minutes, via Google Meet. Thereafter, if you want additional help, we can meet at a frequency that suits our schedules be it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, whatever suits your requirements, and if none at all, that is perfectly fine too.

So if this strikes a chord with you, or if you know a fellow designer whom this will help, you are welcome to get in early and set up that initial discussion at your/their earliest convenience over here:

Any feedback, questions, comments or thoughts are welcomed either LinkedIn [ ]or via my direct email I am always listening.

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you!


PS:  I'm on a mission to make design great again.  Please share with those who wants to help me make design great again. If you're interested, you can earn a 5% commission for each referral.

Thank you, 

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