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An ecosystem for the Creative Entrepreneur

'Creative Entrepreneur' aka CE

A person who uses their creative abilities to develop new ideas and solutions to problems, making change and creating value while they do it.

Built for the most ambitious, like-minded, pay-it-forward entrepreneurs.

Creative Entrepreneurs that support one another on their entrepreneurial journey offering and making use of one another's businesses because together, we can ALL succeed.

A motivated, connected tribe in the midst of a movement is far more powerful than a larger group could ever be.

The Marketplace

It is a platform that enables buyers and sellers to connect with each other to exchange goods, services, content, money, information, and more.  In a way that benefits all sides.

Ideas, Skills, Resource: Swap it all in the DNA-Business Marketplace.

More Than Money: Trade Expertise, Time, and Inspiration in the DNA-Business Ecosystem.

Connect. Collaborate. Conquer: Unleash Your Potential in the DNA-Business Nexus.

Buy or sell from startups and small businesses

Word on the street
You're in good company.   Trusted by many.

"Transparent with an amazing work ethic, for a small startup like myself, Irmi has a lot to give with so much experience. Still trying to get traction in the marketplace, she has been immensely helpful in bringing all she can to the table for my venture. Working with her helped me break down some mental blocks and helped me understand my own brand from the very core and to bring that to the market. Having worked with Irmi, I realise she taught me not to second guess myself, to have patience, and to follow my gut and see how the market reacts. She brings invaluable creativity which is so important to me as a founder who needs this creative boost. Understanding, reliable and approachable, Irmi gives off that aura of comfort where I know at any time I can reach out to her for help, advice, and a soundboard, even after the work has been done which is a rare find in business."

- Samu, ACE (Athletes Creating Exposure)

Giving you access to trusted CE's

A carefully crafted ecosystem of Creative Entrepreneurs that are invested in helping fellow Creative Entrepreneurs reach success.  No matter what the business challenge you face, there is a Creative Entrepreneur who can help. 

Find an expert for:

Our Creative Entrepreneurs

Shared experiences have the power to teach and inspire. Meet the Creative Entrepreneurs that fuel this ecosystem with hope and alleviate feelings of entrepreneurial loneliness.


Entrepreneurial beginnings .PNG

For creative souls with hearts of gold, this platform is your blueprint for building a thriving business that makes a difference.

Learn from impact-driven creative professionals who juggle passion and profit, sharing their secrets to overcoming unique challenges and leaving a lasting mark on the world.

Tune in for actionable tips, inspiring stories, and practical solutions to turn your creative fire into a sustainable force for good.

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