Welcome to the DNA Business Community 

Our business community approach is the driving force in our business culture. You can’t create a community if everyone is just looking out for themselves. You need to look out for each other, develop opportunities for others, and find ways to make sure you all succeed. Community building is about the very real need for connection.

The businesses in our DNA community adopt a special way of driving business growth and success. The special businesses that help unlock opportunity are inherently peer-to-peer, autonomous and not just for profit but for passion and profit. This is something we celebrate. This is the business community we have built.

There are business opportunities at various points along the business journey. We encourage and support the connections and the magic of the people in business coming together. 

We want to know who YOU are.how can our business community help promote and work together with you, so that we all grow, and be better in business, together.

Wanna join?

DNA Business Hacks 

Our business hacking stories are real accounts of how our community of like minded business people have helped each other.  In the following stories you will notice some common themes. Ways in which we have helped make dreams come true by connecting people, creating opportunities and bringing ideas to life.

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