How we business hack

We unlock business success by opening up a world of opportunities for you that you never knew existed.
We discover clever ways to help you do better and be greater.

Here’s how we break down success blockers

- We develop unusual ideas that solve problems in innovative and smart ways
- We connect people and businesses in clever ways
- We make it easier for better clients to find YOU

Cutting trees for a living

Imagine you’re in the business of planting and growing trees and then selling the cut wood to furniture manufacturers.  Competition is tough especially with the downward spiral for demand in authentic furniture. So we come up with an idea to make charcoal from the wood offcuts and make them available for resale via our network of enthusiastic business people.  You sublet a piece of land to a small family business who processes the charcoal. Another family owned business is brought in to distribute the bags of charcoal to various shops and other resellers. Your tree felling business now earns an extra income via the sub-letting of a tiny piece of property AND commission on every bag sold.  Best of all, you have put others in business: the charcoal processing business owner, the shops and resellers of the charcoal.

More real world stories

Our business hacking stories are real accounts of how we have helped our community of like minded business people.

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