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Into UX Design? DON’T sell yourself short!

An ideal future business engagement is with an organisation that puts customers and users first, thus designing true customer and user-centric solutions. An organisation that is design driven no matter what their product and service offering. If they’re not there yet then you should help them on their journey to becoming a design infused organisation. […]

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In you we trust

Got a call from Standard Bank this morning. Caller: “Good morning. Mr Williams?” Me: “Uhm, who’s asking?” Caller: “This is xx from SBSA. Please note that all our calls are recorded for quality assurance, blah blah blah. Blah blah blah.” Caller: “Please confirm your ID number before we continue.” Me: “What’s this in connection with?” […]

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UX is not cool

The topic of my next UX Coffee presentation over at IQ Business. Intro: Don’t just create exciting and cool experiences. Create experiences that help the user get the job done.  Every design is different. A user using your banking app doesn’t want cool, they came here to do something and get it over with. #ux #servicedesign

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The right focus

Never forget that absolutely everything you do is for your customers. Make every decision, even decisions on whether to expand, raise money, promote someone according to what’s best for your customers. If you’re ever unsure on what to prioritise, just ask your customers the open ended question: how can I best help you now? Then […]

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Service Design – a nice one paragraph summary

Service design generally involves the complete experience design process while customer experience focuses more on the upkeep of those processes. In the end, the differences between UX (user experience), CX (customer experience), IxD (interaction design) and SD (service design) are subtle and they’re all very much dependent on each other when designing experiences in general.

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