> Business Hacking: Recruitment

Business problem

A lengthy and high risk recruitment procedure when matching company and candidate. The need to reduce time, effort and increase quality in business hires from both the candidate and business perspective.

The DNA idea

Develop a platform where candidates pitch to businesses and businesses pitch for candidates to bid for placement.  This will establish a fair game from both parties sides. 

In addition, leverage  industry experts that have well established relationships with candidates and businesses in the domain being recruited for, to vet the business and candidate.

The DNA business hacks

Hack #1 Create an easy, direct and transparent way for buyer and seller to engage.

DNA found a way to short circuit the transaction between the candidate and the business hiring. A portal 

Hack #2 Establish a referral scheme to accelerate a quality sale 

By making use of an industry expert to vet company and candidates, quality of the transaction is heightened and short circuited due to their credibility status.