> Business Hacking: Personal Fitness for Grind365.org

Business problem

A personal training business running at full capacity, limiting further client acquisition and growth. With personal training most often required at peak times (early morning before work and later evenings after work), our client had no slots left for in demand peak hour training and little take up for middle of the day slots when time was available. His business was stuck.

The DNA idea

Offer lifestyle related fitness training to the types of people available during the day.  And offer it in groups so the revenue per session is increased. Fitness for kids, corporate fitness, team building, fitness for senior citizens, security force fitness and more was born.

The DNA business hacks

Hack #1 Connect with already established groups of interest.

Grind365 connected with business groups, moms groups, kids groups, etc. which enabled them to reduce efforts by targeting 1 group instead of 10 people per session.

Hack #2 Match your business lulls with new types of customers or alternative products/services… or both! 

Grind365 found new customers (kids, moms, corporates) and offered adjusted services (fitness to suit this type of audience).  This matched the business lull at day times as well as the issue of making more money through group rather than individual sessions.

9 December 2019, Blouberg Strand, Cape Town, South Africa.

Anthony – our coach for the day.
High fives with coach!