Hey! I’m Alan Williams and currently working on the Side Hustle Project and Home Gin Kits.  I also do some Service Design and UX (user experience) over at IQ Business.  And i have a Linkedin profile that tells you a bit more about me.

Me in 10 seconds…..Go!
I started DNA Creative (with my brother), DNA Clothing (a family business), Trip-T (with my dad, he retired now) and Stratify (with my brother and a close friend).  I do Service Design, Ideation, Business (i’m crazy about startups and side hustles and everything creative) and i’m mad about Music, Movies, Cooking, Classic Cars, Travelling and Family time.

You can find my on Twitter [ @AlanWilliamsDNA ] and I recently became a member on Medium [ AlanWilliamsDNA ] where I write whatever comes to mind.  I also blog here a bit – have a look at what i’m thinking about.

I read a lot of books on business, experience design, service design and ideas/creativity.  And i listen to a whole lot of podcasts.

Please mail me [ alan@dna.co.za ] and introduce yourself.  Why? Well, share ideas, build up connections, learn, create.  I don’t promote. I don’t invest.  I don’t take on any new projects, well…..maybe, but I’m always interested in what others are creating. So let’s create something remarkable that the world can use!