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DNA Experience Design is more than just a consulting company – we believe in an elevated way of work. The design way. To design is to create. It’s a mindset, not aesthetics. It’s about solving problems and creating solutions. The DNA Experience Design way embraces asking why, challenging old ways, being curious and optimistic, and making it your mission to find out what you don’t know so that you can create what could be.

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Taking insights to the next level: the design way

Insights refer to a deep understanding of someone or something and are fundamental ingredients to crafting and driving business strategy. The insights we learn about our business, the market/industry in which it exists, and the customers it serves, is crucial to unlocking how we remain …

Un-complicating how we answer business questions: the research sprint

We have a good idea, a great solution to a problem we are solving and we want to get going with it already. Wait. Are we really ready to start building the solution? It feels risky launching before we understand the context and realities at …

Design Sprints

I love Design Sprints but you all need to do something after them. From the book Sprint. How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days. Written by Jake Knapp. “Entrepreneurs and leaders face big questions every day: What’s the most …