Hey! I’m Alan Williams and i do Service Design and UX (user experience) over at IQ Business.  And i have a Linkedin profile that tells you a bit more about me.  I’m currently working on the Side Hustle Project , Home Gin Kits and African StartUps in my spare time.

Me in 10 seconds…..Go!

I started DNA Creative (with my brother), DNA Clothing (a family business), Trip-T (with my dad, he retired now) and Stratify (with my brother and a close friend).  I do Service Design, Ideation, business (i’m crazy about startups and side hustles and everything creative) and i’m mad about music, movies, cooking, classic cars, travelling and most of all – family time.

I read a lot of books on business, experience design, service design and ideas/creativity.  And i listen to a whole lot of podcasts.  Have a look over here.

Please mail me [ alan@dna.co.za ] and introduce yourself.  Why? Well, share ideas, build up connections, learn, create.  I don’t promote. I don’t invest.  I don’t take on any new projects, well…..maybe, but I’m always interested in what others are creating. So let’s create something remarkable that the world can use!

A closer look

Service Design and Customer Experience
I work with great companies across a wide range of industry sectors to create innovative, inspiring customer experiences.

Design Research
A qualitative approach to understanding people and how to best serve their needs through well-designed products and services.

Experience Strategy
Developing a vision of services and defining tactics to achieve them.

Service Design
Create and improve every touchpoint in a customer experience.

Design Facilitation
Encompassing the strategies that help facilitate productive and fulfilling workshops.


My Approach

Creating Experiences Based on People
I combine thorough research with years of knowledge to design and deliver meaningful experiences and help you implement them along the way.  I follow a Lean UX approach (combining Agile Scrum, Design Thinking and User Centered Design methods).

Got a project in mind?

Drop me a note over at alan@dna.co.za or DM me on Twitter.