Dennis Williams

User Experience Creator & Consultant

About me

Striving to create meaning in my everyday life

Dennis Williams

User Experience Specialist, Cape Town, South Africa

I'm a passionate, enthused creative problem solver. I live for ideas and driven to create things with meaning.

A Certified User Experience and Customer Experience consultant with 15 years digital design experience and 7 years of high level, high impact UX consulting experience. I can operate on strategic and tactical levels to implement game changing innovation for digital products, websites and immersive experiences.

I have a good grounded knowledge of the entire product development and business biosphere including strategy, market positioning, marketing and development whilst firmly pragmatic and aware of finance and revenue models.

I have worked on major bluechip projects locally and for international companies, collaborating with world wide UX groups, companies and experts.

"Passionate about the subject matter. Determined to succeed without sacrificing people, clients or creativity. Has the integrity and soul to give a project the flair that will make it not only succeed, but differentiate itself and rise above all competitors. An extremely modest, considerate and intelligent visionary to work with."

Lizelle Steyn, Founder MoreThanMoney

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Skills and Experience

With more than 15 years experience in digital, the following skills summarise my fields of speciality

Strategy & Business

Business Discovery, Project Definition, Vision Analysis

UX Research

Contextual, Mental Model and Competitor Research

UX Design & Prototyping

Ideation, Low & High fidelity prototyping

UX Testing and Validation

Usability project design and facilitated testing

Digital Design

End product design, graphic output and HTML

Marketing & Communications

Strategy, Exec Presentations, Pitches and Public Speaking

Work Experience

Some of my biggest clients over the last 5 years


Old Mutual Wealth

User Experience Owner and Conceptual Ideation

"I think that if Dennis did one thing - and he did many - he made us think about the problem through a completely different lens, he asked one simple question which completely reframed how we were approaching things and helped set us on a new course."

Warick Burke - Old Mutual Wealth Executive


Usability Principle

"One of the most knowledgeable people I know on the topic of UX. Stays up to date with all the latest research and developments and have been in the local industry longer than anyone I know of. Extremely easy person to work with."

Suzanne Lilley - Head of Product at Cheapflights



User Experience Principle

"Dennis exposed the team at Vodacom SA to the importance and value of a user-centered approach to solution development for business information needs. This approach has been incorporated into the business intelligence solution design and delivery process as a key principle and driver."

Mathilda Nel - BSG Manager



UX research and prototyping

“This process was almost cathartic as it created greater levels of transparency, alignment and integration between BI and the organisation, with the resultant UX inspired dashboards allowing BI to transition from the supply of data to trusted partner in making informed decisions.”

Rori Kew - RCS Chief Risk Officer



UX Research and Design principle

"Masters at their craft!"

Barbara Arnold - Inet-Bridge Marketing Executive



Owner & Principle Consultant

With over 15 years of business experience I've learned a few very valuable lessons. I've become obsessive to always put the customer at the center of the approach; to always be pragmatic about the road to get to the vision; and to have a firm grasp of finance and business as the starting point for any endeavor. I believe that no project can be a success if you don't win the hearts of the teams that must help in order to achieve it.

Education & Continued Learning

Highlights of Courses and Diplomas over my career


User Centric Innovation and Strategy

Human Factors International

Identifying and capitalising on opportunities that will enable successful penetration of the market. Analysing the impact of trends and lifestyle changes on users to develop appropriate positioning and design of new products and services. Capturing rich data that will enable in-depth understanding of the users and their ecosystems. Correlating design research, market understanding and business goals to define new markets, branding strategies, product positioning, and new business models. Translating actionable insights to new product, service and business ideas that will have a positive impact on the lives of users. Validating and test new ideas to minimize risks and determine criteria that are important for success.


MBA introduction to Marketing

Coursera via University of Pennsylvania

Branding - Marketing Strategy and Brand Positioning, Customer Decision Making and the Role of Brand, Effective Brand Communications Strategies and Repositioning Strategies

Customer Centricity - The Limits of Product-Centric Thinking, The Opportunities and Challenges of Customer Centricity, How Can Customer Centricity Be Profitable?

Go to Market Strategies - Omni-Channel Strategy and Online-Offline Interaction, How to Find Lead Users and Facilitate Influence and Contagion, Targeting and Messaging, Pricing to Value, Customer Access and Distribution


Certified Usability Analyst

Human Factors International

User-Centered Analysis and Conceptual Design - The basis for designing software interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use. Methods of analyzing user requirements.

Practical Usability Testing - A critical component of creating a user-centered application is progressive testing. Practical techniques to help move the design into accordance with the user's needs, limitations, mental models and cognitive styles.

The Science and Art of Effective Web and Application Design - Up-to-date usability research and the principles of successful visual design. Creating winning Web sites that balance user performance and visual appeal.

Putting Research into Practice - Review of recent usability research with a distinct "How can I use this?" focus.


Diploma in Multimedia Design and Production

CityVarsity College

Diploma Course in Multimedia Design involving work in many areas of graphic and new media design. Education in the design and production of print media, film, web design and interactive media design. Graduated with distinction and award for most likely student to succeed in business.


A small sample of the type of work I do

  • cheapflights
  • inet-bridge
  • Paperjet print
  • stratify
  • vodacom
  • suurbraak co-op
  • random
  • random

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Tamboerskloof Rd Tamboerskloof Cape Town

082 852 8359